Team Parent App

Team Mom/Dad Application


HOME ADDRESS_______________________________________

CITY__________STATE_________ZIP____________HOME PHONE______________

E-MAIL ADDRESS________________________ CELL PHONE _________________


- Help assist coach with phone calls (practice, games + fund raisers)

- Table duty (coordinate work bond responsibilities)

- Front door (collecting admission for 5th- 8th grade games)

- Committee help

I hereby attest and certify that I have not been accused or convicted in the State of New Jersey or any other state or jurisdiction of any crime or disorderly persons offense involving sexual offenses, child molestation, DWI, endangering the welfare of children or incompetents, arson, armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping , murder, manslaughter or violations of the New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substance Act.

I have read, understand, attest and certify to the above.

Applicant Signature_____________________

Date ___________________________