St. Clement Parish Athletic Committee

- Parent/Guardian/Athlete Code of Conduct -

The purpose of the St. Clement Parish Athletic program is to provide a fun, instructive and positive sporting environment where children can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of a sport(s) along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of the St. Clement Catholic community.

One of the main tenets of the program is to support and reinforce the spiritual formulation of each participant according to Catholic faith principles. This entails what it means to be a member and a spiritual ambassador of the St. Clement Catholic community which includes following and promoting certain faith based responsibilities such as weekly Mass attendance, frequent participation in the sacraments, performing meaningful prayer on a consistent basis and respect for all forms of life.

As a member of the St. Clement Athletic Program either as a student-athlete and/or parent/guardian, you are expected to exhibit the appropriate behavior given each circumstance that you may encounter as a representative of the St. Clement community.

    1. The Committee expects all St. Clement coaches, team members, parents, family, friends and associates to always be in control of their conduct/emotions.

    2. To conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner as they represent the teachings and beliefs of the St. Clement Catholic community.

    3. One of the main goals of the St. Clement Athletic Program is to teach the participants not only how to play a sport, but also how to exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship. We expect all of our coaches, volunteers, parents and student-athletes to set and reinforce these ideals both on and off the field.

    4. Other than communication of encouragement and support, the Committee feels that at no time should parents or student-athletes engage in communications with any player, coach, parent or fans of either team or any game officials during the contest. Should a parent/guardian or student-athlete feel a need to express a concern or instruction, that communication must be funneled through the appropriate St. Clement coach.

    5. Under no circumstances should a parent/guardian or student-athlete engage in any verbal abuse or acts of intimidation with a player, coach or game official. Rather, if the person is a recipient of the same, that fact should be brought to the attention of the St. Clement Coaching staff for proper handling.

    6. The decisions of all game officials are final and should be implemented as instructed and in the proper spirit. At no time is a parent/guardian or student-athlete to engage an official before, during or after a contest to protest a call or situation. Again, any concerns must be funneled through the St. Clement Coaching staff.

    7. At each team activity, it is everyone’s responsibility to make every effort to ensure that safety is considered a priority and secured.

    8. A parent/guardian or student-athlete should first report any observed behavior that is inconsistent with this policy to the appropriate St. Clement Coach. If the situation is not addressed properly, notice should then be made to the St. Clement Athletic Board.

    9. If our code of conduct rules are violated. Parent/guardian or athlete or coach are held accountable by SCAC. First time is a warning, unless SCAC feels no warning should be given. In this case The person who violates the Code of Conduct is dismissed from our program upon SCAC discretion. The second violation is dismissal, upon SCAC discretion

    10. If a parent/coach has an issue with somebody in our Parish due to a heated argument, this argument must stop and a minimum of 24 hour cooling off period before parties may meet. SCAC Board member must be at meeting.