Off Season


The Facilities will only be available for use by St. Clement Athletic Association and Members

Off season: Generally considered to be the time in which NMPBL basketball games are not being played. (April – September)

Notification Notification must be made to the responsible board member and be added to the official SCAA Calendar.

Charge: Coaches are only responsible to contribute to the fund to set up and take down bingo tables and protective floor covering.

Bond: NONE

Roster: St. Clement Coach in charge should submit a roster including players and coaches names, addresses, phone numbers and coach application (coach application should already be on file for St. Clement Coaches in good standing). File should be maintained of all players and coaches (including home and visiting teams) on facility with emergency information and health insurance information for all players using the gym. Forms must be updated at least every 6 months and are available on below and at

St. Clement Coaches: Are coaches who are registered in the preceding season. Coaches must be Rutgers certified, Virtus certified and fingerprinted and must agree to the policies and procedures and code of conduct of the St. Clement Athletic Association.

Supervision: A St. Clement Athletic Association Board member or coach in good standing must be present at all times and with keys to open the gym and lock up afterward and are responsible for compliance with the rules and by-laws. Keys can only be handled by St. Clement Board Member or Representative (such as a St. Clemet Coach in good standing).

Payment: Payment is required in advance to cover taking down of tables (usually Friday) and setting up (usually Wednesday)

Scrimmage: Only allowed for games involving at least one St. Clement Coached Teams. St. Clement Coach is responsible for the gym, insurance for both teams and cleaning up and locking up.

Responsibility: St. Clement Coach is responsible for cleaning of the floor, keeping the bathroom clean, keeping the foyer clean, keep players and children off the stage, cleaning of the gym after the practice or game, Proper use of AC or heat, and turning off of lights and locking up gym after practice or scrimmage.

Insurance: Coaches are responsible for their own insurance. St. Clement Coach must check that a visiting coach and has proper credentials (Rutgers License and Virtus) and has their own insurance

Subject to Availability: Subject to the schedule of St. Clement Athletic Association activities or St. Clement CCD activities receive priority.

Board Approval: All reservations must meet the above requirements and then are subject to Board of Director’s approval.

Termination: It must be understood that St. Clement Athletic Association is not obligated to provide gym time to any team or individual.

Click here for a PDF version of the Application