The purpose of the St. Clement Parish Athletic program is to provide a fun, instructive and positive sporting environment where children can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of a sport(s) along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of the St. Clement Catholic community.  One of the main tenets of the program is to support and reinforce the spiritual formulation of each participant according to Catholic faith principles.  This entails what it means to be a member and a spiritual ambassador of the St. Clement Catholic community which includes following and promoting certain faith based responsibilities such as weekly Mass attendance, frequent participation in the sacraments, performing meaningful prayer on a consistent basis and respect for all forms of life.

The program aims to give as many students the opportunity to both learn and participate in a variety of sporting experiences. An integral part of this entire experience will involve age appropriate competition. 

No St. Clement Parish child will be excluded from participating on any team due to the inability to pay the required fees.

In the early grades the major emphasis will be exposure to a sport’s rules and skill development with an opportunity for significant participation.  As students move on to higher-grade levels, the athletic experience will still pay particular attention to skill development, but increased emphasis will be paid to real game strategies and tactics. In the higher grades, while everyone will experience comparable practice time, a player’s effort and ability to execute various sport skills will increasingly determine game playing time.

Guidelines by Grade

Clinic Teams – Grade 3

The major emphasis at this level is to introduce the game to prospective players.  Basic game definitions, rules and skills will be taught in a very non-competitive and encouraging environment.  Maximum participation by all will be encouraged.

Instructional League Play – Grade 4

Building on the foundation laid by the Clinic Team experience, the Instructional League level continues the emphasis on learning a game’s rules and skills.  Basic game strategy and tactics will be introduced along with exposure to real game situations via instructional league play.  

Junior Varsity Teams – Grades 5 and 6

Considered a transition experience, athletes will move from a learning to an increasingly competitive environment.  At this stage more emphasis will be placed on mastering the “team game” while continuing to improve one’s individual skills. Everyone will have equal practice time.  Every effort will be made to provide a reasonable amount of playing time.

Varsity Teams – Grades 7 and 8

Team play at this level is very competitive and based on ability.  The intention of this environment is to prepare the athletes for scholastic high school sports competition.  Individual position skills will be practiced along with increased time spent on real game situations and strategies.  Amount and type of playing time will be determined by an athlete’s effort and ability to play the game at both strategy and skill levels.  Even though a strong effort will be made to provide everyone with some game time, there is no guarantee.

* Please note that the final number of teams, whether there will be try-outs, and leagues played in will be determined by the number of approved coaches and children who actually sign-up to participate.  All children must be a student in good standing within the Parish during the season in order to participate at any time.

Participation Requirements

To participate, the child must be a member in good standing within the Parish during the season in order to participate at any time (CCD Attendance and Class Behavior). Furthermore, any interested child is required to submit the following information:

The policy of the St. Clement Athletic Committee is that no St. Clement Parish child will be  excluded from participating on any team due to the inability to pay the required fees.

Call for Coaches, Team Volunteers

The core of the whole program is based on the ability to attract a sufficient number of volunteer coaches and team supporters.

All coaches are expected to: