St. Clement Parish Athletic Committee

- SCAC Facility Guidelines -


Outlined here are SCAC approved guidelines regarding sport venue usage.

Upon arriving at the sports venue

1.) Each coach must arrive early enough to properly observe and prepare the venue for the team event.

2.) Survey the venue for any unusual and unsafe conditions. If they are not correctable, the coach in charge will either change, modify or cancel the team event. The coach will also report such conditions to the St. Clement Athletic Director within 24 hours.

During the event

1.) Do not do anything that knowingly will cause damage or create an unsafe situation.

2.) Ensure that no one takes anything from the gym.

3.) No horseplay is permitted at anytime.

4.) No unsupervised students are permitted outside of the gym at anytime. This includes restroom and water fountain breaks.

If using St. Clement Gym, the coach upon entry will:

1.) Only use the facility according to the approved SCAC St. Clement gym usage schedule.

2.) Ensure that the doors are always closed, locked and never propped open.

3.) Team members and parents are encouraged NOT to show up at the gym any earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled time.

4.) If upon entering the gym another team is using the facility, all team members should NOT be shooting, dribbling running around, etc. until the other team has completed their session.

Upon exiting St. Clement Gym:

1.) Always leave the gym in a clean condition.

2.) Make sure all windows are closed and locked.

3.) Make sure that the side gym doors are closed and locked. At no time are these doors to be propped open.

4.) No students are to be left in gym once the building is locked down.

5.) Report all unusual or hazardous situations to the Athletic Director immediately. If it is of an urgent nature, report the same to the St. Clement Office if someone is present or the Rectory office.