Saint Clement Parish Athletic Committee

2007/2008 Coaches


Team 1 Chris Kirby

Team 2 Steve Tomkins

Team 3 Gil Carmichael

Junior Varsity Boys:

Grade 5 Jim Gallagher

Grade 6 John Adduchio

Junior Varsity Girls Jim Besso

Varsity Boys:

Team Red Joe Kastner

Team Gold Rich Dalik

Varsity Girls:

Grade 7 Jim Gallagher

Grade 8 Pete Pabon

SCAC Coaches Guidelines


Volunteer coaches and adult volunteers make up a critical component of the St. Clement Parish Athletic Program. The intention of these guidelines is to set a base level of expectations for those fulfilling these roles while attempting to ensure for all participants, an environment that provides a positive, fun athletic experience composed of instruction, sportsmanship and age-appropriate competition which is consistent with the teachings and values of the St. Clement Catholic community.

Coaches’ Requirements

All coaches will be required to:

- Complete a St. Clement Coaches Application.

- Complete a SCAC coaching background check.

- Complete the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic.

- Must be at least 18 years of age.

- Attend VIRTUS Awareness Session (

Coaching Guidelines

Each coach is expected to:

1.) Make a commitment to attend most practices and games during the season.

2.) Ensure that all athletes are constantly under adult supervision during practices and games – this includes water and restroom breaks. The Head Coach will make the appropriate arrangements for coach and adult volunteer supervision when he/she can not be present. This includes arriving before practice starts and not leaving before all children are properly picked-up. At no time is there to be less than one SCAC approved coach at each team function. No practices or games can be held unless there is a SCAC approved coach present.

3.) Ensure that all coaches and athletes are aware of and follow all team, league, and SCAC rules and guidelines.

4.) Exhibit, promote and teach a high level of sportsmanship and respect for all team members consistent with the beliefs and teachings of the St. Clement Catholic community during each team event.

5.) Will not tolerate and appropriately address any unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of coaches, volunteers, or player.

6.) Actively be involved with each team member. Accommodating requests for help is encouraged in order to maximize the learning experience.

7.) Maintain a good and clear communication flow with all players, parents, assistant coaches, volunteers and the athletic director.

8.) Follow to the best of their ability, all league, game, team and SCAC rules, policies and procedures.

9.) Conduct a parents’ meeting at the beginning of each season which will include discussions of league schedules, team roster, practice schedule and methods of communication.

10.) Ensure the proper care and management of all issued equipment and uniforms. Return all of the same by designed due dates at the end of each season.

11.) Appropriately and professionally handle any differences with referees and judges.

12.) Make every effort to attend all coach and league meetings.

13.) Verbal or physical harassment of any volunteer or player by a coach, player, or volunteer is grounds for immediate suspension and dismissal.

14.) NO games to interfere with CCD Program and NO games before 11:45 on Sundays.

15.) Ensure that all athletes are properly attired so as not to be a hazard to oneself or another player.

16.) Make sure that all equipment is used only for its intended purpose and is used properly.

17.) Only schedule practices and games at a SCAC approved facility (an insurance requirement) which provides a safe venue for all participants.

18.) Take the necessary steps to ensure the care of all game and practice facilities. Coach will handle and timely report any deficiencies/problems to the St. Clement Athletic Director.

19.) When an accident occurs, the coach must properly attend to the athlete and document all significant injuries (deep wounds, asthma attacks, broken bones, sprains, bloody noses, significant blows to any part of the body, etc. – when in doubt, document and report to the SCAC Board.

20.) Promote age-appropriate competition and game instruction according to St. Clement Athletic Committee Guidelines.

21.) Not make any unauthorized expenditures or commitments (tournament commitments, etc.) involving the team or on behalf of the St. Clement Athletic Committee.

22.) Always have a First Aid Kit in their possession at each event.

23.) Review and always have in their possession during practices and games a Sports Participation Health History form for each athlete.

24.) Always be aware of the nearest working phone or will have a working cell phone at each practice and game.

25.) Never put any coach, volunteer or child in harms way.

26.) Keep St. Clement Athletic Director informed of any unusual and significant individual athlete or team situations.

27.) Not participate in any unapproved SCAC events or allow unauthorized use of facilities. The Head Coach must discuss any off-site activities with the St. Clement Athletic Director at least 48 hours before the start of the desired event.

28.) Report team results to the proper authorities on a consistent and timely basis.

29.) Coaches Red Handbook (Carry with you at all times)


  • St. Clements Procedure Manual Roster Emergency Response Card

  • Accident/Injury Report Form

  • Coaches & Board Phone & Email List

  • Practice Schedule

  • Game Schedule

  • Medical Treatment Form