Athletic Committe

St. Clement Parish Athletic Committee

- Board and Committee Members -

Father Thomas Vala , Pastor

Mr. Tom Sweeney, PREP Director

Mrs. Phyllis Besso, Athletic Director

Mr. Robert McCloskey, Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Christopher Kirby, Intramural Coordinator

Mr. James Besso

Mr. Gil Carmichael

Mr. William Giovanniello

Mr. Michael Lillis

Mr. John Hickey

Mrs. Michelle Branagan

Mr. Stephen Tomkins

Mts. Amy Tokins

The purpose of the St. Clement Parish Athletic program is to provide a fun, instructive and positive sporting environment where parish children can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of a sport(s) along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of the St. Clement Catholic community.

Selected committee members will be expected to:

- Help develop and maintain a program that promotes for as many Parish students as possible, a variety of age appropriate sporting experiences that provide a fun, self-esteem building environment where sport (s) fundamentals, sportsmanship and other life skills are taught and reinforced which are consistent with the teachings of the St. Clement Catholic community.

- Perform the necessary oversight of all SCAC activities.

- Make a concerted effort to attend and participate in all committee meetings.

- Actively volunteer for various board activities.

- Become knowledgeable of and follow all appropriate Diocese, Parish and Committee rules,policies, guidelines and regulations to the best of their ability.

- Maintain appropriate communication channels with other board members, various league constituencies, coaches, parents and players.

The committee meets a minimum of two times a year with various committee work on an as needed basis. Prior athletic participation or having a child in the program, while desirable, are not absolute requirements. Rather the board actively seeks to have a representative cross-section of all thepeople of the St. Clement Parish community.